“Michele’s very presence in my life has made a difference and I believe I speak for many others when I make that statement. She works in the trenches with the people. She is a warrior who works in the trenches with the people. She puts her money where her mouth is. She is real, raw and loyal. Thank you Michele for giving me courage to face another week and for reminding me of my many blessings.”

“I’ve been able to participate in at least 75% of the programs Michele offers and can attest to the fact that not only have they enhanced my recovery, they have been enjoyable, thought provoking, proving that things can be accomplished. I will continue to support and recommend her programs to those I know who are in recovery. Thank you so much for enlightening me on the benefits of ‘Holistic Health & Recovery Coaching’!”

“I am learning to grow into a new person. Being creative is bringing new aspects into my life. I am beginning to work on several life-long problems. I’m working on overcoming my fears, learning how to cook and am trying to eat more organics. Change is happening and I have to thank Michele for providing services to veterans. I am most thankful and humbly appreciate the help I’ve been given.”

“Michele’s spirit is beautiful—radiant. If we only had more warrior angels the likes of her, less might have left this earth untimely and there would not be nearly so many broken men who have given up their souls so freely. Thank you for giving us veterans a hand.”

“The dream lives in all of us, your the light that leads us the way.”

“You are so many things to me Michele…mentor, coach, inspiration, admiration…friend.”

“Thanks for your kind, beautiful and inspirational sentiments Michele. I am so grateful for your support. You have been a lifesaver and soul friend…and have renewed my hope.”

“So glad to have you in my life Michele, thank you for helping me find my soul purpose – my calling.”

“Michele, thanks for sharing your delicious Conscious Cooking meals and for doing all you do for people! YOU ROCK!”

“I am eternally grateful to you Michele helping me to bring Light into my space and for your appreciation of my soul purpose and its value. You have given me great inspiration.”

“Thank you for bringing renewed hope, love and joy into my life, I am so very grateful!”

“Michele, our medical team is seeing great results with our patients who you are holistic health coaching. Keep doing what you are doing, because you are certainly doing something right!”

“Thank you for your connection Michele, I needed an affirmation today. I have tears as I write this. Please know that your words, and their timing, are serendipitous. Blessings, Michele”

“Thank YOU Michele!! I can honestly say without your wisdom and help, I don’t think I could have made it this far – I’m talking about all the wonderful things your programs offer to EVERYONE!”

“Thanks for always being as awesome as you are, Michele. I take comfort in knowing you, and I appreciate the things you say to me — you’ve helped bump my self-esteem.”

“You are awesome Michele. I am learning to let go and it’s like each day is a miracle now, with something new and amazing coming through”

“Love your awesome Recovery Bites Conscious Cooking food Michele! You touch hearts and minds through your ‘soul food!”

“Thank you for helping me find my soul purpose Michele. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my soul. I am moved to tears, filled with gratitude. I am very thankful for the positive difference you have made in this crucial point in my life. I have enjoyed so many positive experiences and look forward to many more!”

“Thanks for your message today Michele – I REALLY needed it and am so grateful!”